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Call of Duty® Clan Wars: Montreal, Canada
RaRa 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 6th Feb 2015
Clan Wars
The next set of Clan Wars events challenges players in the icy winter of metropolitan Montreal, Canada. Bronze through Platinum Divisions will continue their battle for Centurion gear, while the second Diamond Division Clan War adds another piece to the new Valkyrie set. See below for specifics on timing and gear rewards.
Diamond Division
The Montreal Diamond Division engagement takes place over a three day period, beginning Friday, February 20th through Sunday, February 22nd.
Each day of the war, Diamond Division Clans will battle it out in four-hour blocks of time, with different times supported across US Pacific, US Eastern, and European time zones.
Regional times each day as follows:
• Pacific: Starts 7PM PST, finishes 11PM PST
• Eastern: Starts 7PM EST, finishes 11PM EST
• Europe: Starts 7PM GMT/8PM CET, finishes 11PM GMT/12AM CET
Clans that place 1st in Diamond Division will unlock a piece of the new Valkyrie set.
The current order of unlocks for the Valkyrie set includes:
Valkyrie Exo: Win 1 Diamond Division Clan War
Valkyrie Shin Guards: Win 2 Diamond Division Clan Wars
Diamond Division Clans still looking to expand their Centurion set will unlock the next item in the set by placing in the top 3 of Diamond Division.
Expect all earned rewards to be delivered within 72 hours after the end time of each war.

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