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Advanced Warfare Diamond Division Seoul
RaRa 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 31st Jan 2015
Clan Wars
Well done to all who took part in this, our first Advanced Warfare Diamond Division Clan War.

After performing extremely well in the Ghosts Diamond Division last year, we were late starters in that Diamond Division and so missed the first few Diamond Division wars, but we still ended up finishing 39th in the world out of 13500~ clans.

This time around we are starting at the very opening of the Diamond Division wars and we mean business.

What better way to start than to own the first war.

Most of the clans were playing from the get go.

We started strong capping the first node and continued from there leading from the front all the way through.

At the end of day one we finished on 244 points, 150 points ahead of the rest of the field.

A lot of clans would have taken it easy on the last day with such a commanding lead, but we were after maximum points to give us a good position on the Diamond Division Leaderboard. 

The Leaderboard points are yet to come in, but by my reckoning, we have accumulated approximately 95 points.

80 for 1st position
5 for holding nodes at the end of each round
2 for capping the first node in the war
3 for the most node captures (maybe)
5 for capping every node at least once

Alas I don't think we managed to have 4 nodes capped at the same time, so we missed out on 5 points there.

But all in all, I believe we have bagged the majority of points that were available to us.

We finished on 465 points with our closest rivals 190 points behind.

[html]<img src=" ... r/IMG_3539.jpg" width="740">[/html]

1st Feb 2015 ODG Lordy
Fantastic news chaps, well done to all
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