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Diamond Division Clan War
5:30 PM Fri 4th Apr 2014 - 10:00 PM Sun 6th Apr 2014(GMT/UTC -1.0)
Attending Members

Reserve List

Maybe Attending

Not Attending

Diamond Division Clan War

Fri, Sat and Sun
6.30pm - 11pm

If you wish to participate, you must click the link or button marked 'Attend'

You must only click this button if you know for sure you will be able to make the above hours (all of them) for this war.

If you mark yourself as attending and then don't do the hours and don't have a very good reason for not attending, then you will be asked to leave the clan.

You need to decide by the latest on Wednesday before the war at 11pm

After this time, all non-attendees will be temporarily de-tagged for the duration of the war in the clan-app to ensure we are matched against clans with a similar number of fighting players.

After the war, you will be invited back on the clan-app.

Please login or register to discuss this event.
2nd Apr 2014
Depends on whether my xbox comes in time.
I bought an xbox from a facebook page and it turns out it was banned from xbl all together because it was flash drived, so I got the money back and ordered one of ebay :/
I'll let you guys know tomorrow afternoon
1st Apr 2014
Listen up clan members, hitting the maybe button is not good enough! we don't want maybe's or could do's - you need to be certain you can attend, if, it's a no - click on NO, this goes for everyone! As usual all members who are temporary kicked from the clan will be aloud back after war.